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and strength by lingering with her b●eside the dying boy.She plead●ed with all a woman’s unselfish love, but, need● we say, in vain—that Imri’s sole answer w▓as to lif



EVER to leave her—they would meet▓ their fate together Days passed; thei▓r small portion of food an

Rock him to seek his own ▓safety; s

d water, econ●omised as it was, dwindled more a●nd more away, and so did the st●rength of Aréli.It was a ni▓ght of unclouded beauty; millions ●and millions of stars spangled ▓the deep blue heaven

John he would not weakly shrink, but ●when a


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s; the moon in her full glo▓ry walked forth to silver many a d▓ark tree, and dart her most refulgent rays on t▓hat little group of human suffer▓ing.Yet all

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